MMFL News Item

Subject: Twitter and the MMFL

The MMFL has now adopted Twitter (MMFLSoftball) as another tool to communicate with our members, fans, players and umpires. Initially it will be primarily used during our regular season for notification of “rainout” conditions at particular fields. Our HotLine feature will continue to be used in conjunction with Twitter. The term “rainout” used here can also mean general unplayable conditions for many different reasons. However, the term “rainout” (game status code RH) indicates makeup games can be requested. In order to utilize Twitter in conjunction with the MMFL, you must have a personal account with them, you must sign-up. Twitter is free to join and can be accessed via your personal computer, laptop or smart phone (IPhone, Android Phone or IPad). With Twitter the MMFL will also have the capability to send Tweets (messages) to any cell phone via text messaging (SMS). There are a few vital things you’ll need to know and set up in order to utilize this new feature of the MMFL. The key element here is once your own personal account is created you will want to FOLLOW MMFLSoftball (@MMFLSoftball). A link to do this is on various pages of the MMFL website. That’s what Twitter is all about. When you “follow” someone or an organization on twitter you will receive all of their tweets (messages). The MMFL will eventually have many “followers”, all of whom will receive our tweets (messages). In order to receive MMFL “tweet” text messages on your cell phone you will need to enter and activate your cell phone number from the “Mobile” portion of your Twitter account profile. After you’ve entered your cell number, you’ll be prompted to verify the number you entered. Twitter will send a text message to your phone and you must verify it with a response back. After the verification process is complete you must then activate this Twitter service. To do this you must send the text message “ON” to 40404 from your cell phone. That is just about it. The MMFL strongly recommends you establish yourself with Twitter and our new means of communication.