MMFL News Item

Subject: ACE Certification Update

Achieve, Certify, Educate Each year, one coach per team will be required to be on. Any and all individuals in the dugout will need an ACE background check. Certifications can be be taken on-line, see below. Like everything else in these days, the cost of insurance for softball players is rapidly on the increase. Fortunately the ASA has negotiated, through Bollinger, to keep this rate increase at a minimum. Unfortunately there is a catch; the ASA is now demanding that at least ONE coach from each team be certified through ACE. There's a good possibility in future years, all coaches will have to be certified. ONLY CERTIFICATION LEVEL ONE (1) NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED initially with subsequent levels will be required each year thereafter. Although all the details to describe it perfectly have not been clearly defined, what we do know is listed below.. It is a certification to the ASA that a coach knows how to handle youth individuals. While training, practice and discipline is something we all take for granted, many of us often overlook specific elements of coaching that should always insure the safety and well being of the kids. This certification will provide the information you need to know and demonstrate as a coach. It will also allow officials of the ASA to do BACKGROUND CHECKS of individual coaches working with our youth players. The certification will cost $25.00 for the first year, $20.00 for subsequent years. If certification is done on-line, you must pay via credit card. The certification tests can be taken on-line at the following site: OR If there are sufficient requests, Dale Ferron, Wisconsinís ASA J.O. Softball Commissioner will hold a certification class at a specific location here in southeastern Wisconsin. The date, time and location would be announced later when necessary. If certification is obtained in this manner, Dale Ferron will accept checks (no credit cards) on site the day of the testing. This will be mandatory for one coach of each MMFL team. A field on your individual registration roster will be designated for ACE Certification, watch for it. Certifications will be verified. There will be more information regarding the ACE certification as time moves on. If any of our MMFL coaches have further questions regarding this requirement, please contact either: Dale Ferron, Wisconsin ASA J.O. Commissioner (608) 838-3202 OR Larry Pinkowski, President, MMFL (920) 625-3382