MMFL News Item

Subject: Umpire Self-Scheduling System

As is typical in the MMFL, we once again would like to announce yet another enhancement to our website and the operation of our summer league. MMFL umpires will now have the opportunity to schedule themselves for our summer games. We are announcing the Umpire Self-Scheduling System. Unlike many other umpire scheduling systems, this one pertains only to MMFL scheduling. It is internally linked, via our sophisticated database, to supply data instantaneously to all aspects and functions of our website. Umpires can now login to this Self-Scheduling System, select their assignments, all while their selections will be instantly reflected in our Master Schedule. This system in cooperation with our UIC (Umpire-in-Chief) should eliminate past communication errors. As a result we should anticipate a higher level of attendance and performance at our games from those umpires that are willing to commit to the #1 league in the state.